And, so the trip begins....

We got a much later start then we had anticipated, but once we got on the road it was smooth sailing. Smooth sailing that is, until we hit the I-90 tunnel leaving Seattle and I had such an incredible panic attack I was crying and shaking so hard I thought I was going to pass out. It turns out, I wasn't as 'okay' with driving a 30 foot truck as I had thought I would be... especially through the worlds longest tiniest tunnel EVER!

Enviornmentally friendly energy windmill thingys

These are all over Eastern Washington. Beni and I thought they were pretty cool and were curious to look up how exactly they work, so Beni did our first random question google search of about 15 million on this trip. I would like to thank google now for all the help and entertainment along the way.

Beni wants Sonic!!!

Our first stop was Spokane, to eat at Sonic and see my homegirls Carly and Kristy (2 of the most amazing women I have ever met). We decided upon Sonic based on the fact that we are daily bumbarded by Sonic commercials at home, but there isn't a single Sonic restaurant for miles. It's weird, and down right rude. Beni gives Sonic 3 and a half stars and I agree. The fact that the servers wear roller skates and the strawberry limeade were the best parts.

The 50,000 Silver Dollar Bar, Restaurant, and Casino

This place is rad. That's all.

Butte Montana: Hotel Room #1

$49.99 a night. However, Motel 6 does not offer shampoo and conditioner, you have to buy a 0.5 ounce bottle out of a vending machine for 2 bucks each. Hello, rip off.

Drive through Subway!!!

Beni's favorite is and always will be Subway. Imagine how excited he was to see that in Butte Montana you can drive thru to get your delicious sandwiches to go. We, however, could not drive through any thing in a thousand foot long truck, still cool though. I ate a breakfast sandwich thing and loved it. I'm generally not the biggest fan of subway but after trying their breakfast, I think my mind may have been changed.
The last picture is some kind of egg patty. Looks gross, but tastes like happiness.

Car Fun

Black Sparrow Tattoo in Billings Montana

We stopped by Beni's friends tattoo shop. This is what the bathroom looked like. Gross.
We didn't get tattooed :( It was just a quick hello, smoke break, and back on the road.

The red roads of Wyoming

We have no idea why, but the roads in Wyoming were red. Weird.

Shakey Maze

The truck was so bumpy that is was hard to do puzzles and mazes. Ha.

Rest stops are gross and the bathrooms never have mirrors

This rest stop had a cool teepee like structure. Photo moment.

Rapid City, South Dakota Hotel room #2

We check into this hotel and I proceeded to pop zits on Beni's back until he was bright red and splotchy, hehehe.

Wall Drugs

This place was so cool!!!
Wall Drug's famous free ice-water well is out in the Wall Drug Back Yard, where it can pump several thousands of gallons of water. The Back Yard also shelters a variety of photo-ops, including a furry six-foot-tall rabbit on wheels, a mini-Mount Rushmore, and a saddled, fiberglass giant jackalope. Coffee at Wall Drug is still five cents a cup, and the kitchen makes its own donuts and fudge. Every square inch of Wall Drug's knotty pine interior is covered with stuffed animal heads, totem poles, carved statues, and mechanical money-sucker machines -- a wealth of eye-clutter

More car fun

We need a Taco Johns at home

It's like a Taco Bell, but better.

La Crosse, WI. Hotel room #3

We got upgraded to a themed suite. We chose A-Okay Corral for our room. They also had a 24 hour hot tub, which we sat in for maybe 9 minutes. It kind of grossed me out and wasn't very hot.